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Garnet Gemstones

Now the festive season is over and we are already into the start of 2019, it is time to prepare for the year ahead. If we are not careful, we can unintentionally forget our friends and loved ones who were born in January. The birthstone for this month is a garnet which has been known to symbolise long lasting friendship and trust, making it the perfect gift for the people closest to you. Garnet is also said to symbolise a light heart and loyalty, and bringing peace, prosperity and good will to the home. Buying a birthstone for someone close to us is a thoughtful present as it adds such a personal touch. Garnets were originally worn as it was...

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January garnets

It's the same every year.. we stress about Christmas, struggle to remember all the people to buy gifts for, run to the shops on Christmas Eve to get those last bits we forgot, then let out a sigh of relief on Boxing Day when it's all over. That is until we remember our friends and loved ones born in January. There has been no need to think about it just yet, their birthday isn't until next year, however all of a sudden next year is 4 days away! A birthstone can be the perfect gift, not only is it a thoughtful present but it also has an added personal touch. For our friends born in the beginning of the year the birthstone is...

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