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Art Deco Jewellery

We have recently noticed the increasing popularity of art deco jewellery, with many customers coming in to the store to enquire about it. We see it in clothing, buildings and even art and cinema, and it seems that the trend follows when it comes to jewellery.

Art deco is a style that was prominent from the early 1920’s to the 1930’s. It was first seen around 1915, just after World War 1, when there was huge optimism in the air. It has been said to be a result of exhibits at the World’s Fair, held in Paris, France. The term Art Deco is a shortened form of the events name Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs.The style of the jewellery of this time reflected the liberation of women and their clothing; their hems and their hair were getting shorter, their dresses were streamlined and their jewellery now had opulence, reflecting the recklessness of the jazz age. After the stock market crash of 1929, jewellers could only survive in their business by using cheaper stones, such as aquamarines. It was a sign of great wealth if you were still able to afford diamond jewellery.

Art deco jewellery was often geometric in character, with use of diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Many vibrant colours were used, and it was often composed of yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum. There was often a symmetrical design, with contrasts such as black onyx against white diamonds. Inspiration was taken from Egyptian, Indian and African arts and designs, and this is why many materials and ideas from these regions were used, such as sphinx and beetle designs taken from ancient Egypt.

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