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The birth of the term ‘Tennis Bracelet’

In Wimbledon fortnight, here’s an interesting blog about about the interchangeable terminology used for Diamond Line Bracelets and ‘Tennis’ Bracelets.
Although the Diamond Bracelet started appealing to a wide audience in the 1920s, it was not then known as the Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Instead, its name was the Diamond Line Bracelet.  
The Diamond Bracelet, had a huge appeal as a fashion and jewellery accessory because of its elegant and minimalistic design.  It is essentially a thin line or band set with expertly cut diamonds in a symmetrical way, into a precious metal of gold or platinum.
It is a typical belief that the term Diamond Tennis Bracelet happened when World Tennis Star Chris Evert’s Diamond Bracelet got lost somewhere in the court during a match in the 1987 US Open.

Christ Evert - US open - Diamond Line Bracelet
The game was stopped until the Diamond Bracelet was found. In an interview after the match she named her jewellery piece the "Tennis Bracelet". This pioneering combination of sportswear and diamond jewellery was a leap forward in luxe fashion and came to be known as the "sportsluxe look".
Another theory according to some critics, was that the bracelet got its name simply because wearing diamonds while playing tennis was so unheard of, so that when Chris Evert began to wear her diamond bracelet the name tennis bracelet was given to the accessory.
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