Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing an antique engagement ring whether Art Deco from the 1930’s or Vintage, 1940’s can offer you a choice of something truly original and unique.

At Friar House we specialise in antique engagement rings and have a stunning and varied range to suit all tastes and budgets. Antique jewellery is the product of incredibly skilled craftsmen, each with individual designs, representing the style of the era.

Where to start? Having a budget in mind helps at the start of your search for the perfect ring. For a stone that is going to be worn every day, a diamond, sapphire or ruby is the perfect choice. These stones have a hardness that will stand the test of time. Then you need to decide on your preferred colour of gold and choose from white or yellow or platinum. Our website gives full details of each individual item.

There are numerous styles of engagement rings to choose - from a simple single solitaire diamond stone to solitaires with diamonds on the shoulders of the ring. Or there’s a choice a two, three, or five stone ring in many different styles or a cluster ring with a central stone surrounded by diamonds.

Think about the setting of the ring as these vary and can sit flatter on the finger or be slightly more raised. You may be influenced by a particular style of ring that your family members have worn over the decades, or by a trend of celebrities who choose to wear antique style rings. If you are buying for your partner as a surprise it’s good to understand their style and look at other pieces of jewellery they wear to find an era that best contains similar designs.

We always say that a ring will find you and as you start your search, you will be drawn to types of rings that will suit you and your personality and lifestyle.

The choice is endless and can feel daunting but we are more than happy to help you with your choice. You can visit us at our shop in Battle, East Sussex or buy online securely through our Friar House website, with the peace of mind that you can return the ring for an exchange or refund. See our website for full details.

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