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Engagement ring trends from the Catwalk this season

Ok, so it might still be a bit chilly outside but the daffodils are sprouting and buds are appearing on the trees, this can only mean one thing, spring is on its way!

Here at Friar House we have been watching for new trends on the catwalks this season as each year brings new trends and this is no different in the antique jewellery world. We have noticed a few new trends from the catwalks this year that designers have bought to the table, especially for engagement rings. Offset diamonds, coloured diamonds, avant-garde designs and coloured gemstones have all been making an appearance and below we will give you the low down on what you need to know.

Catwalk engagement ring trends 2020

Traditionally engagement rings have always been single solitaire diamonds but the demand of modern brides has seen a shift in this style and most recently some brides have been choosing the unusual style of an offset diamond. Following this, another big trend for engagement rings is to choose an avant-garde design. Avant-garde jewellery is daring and uses contemporary ideas to create features with an interesting focal point. Good avant-garde jewellery isn’t just for adornment, it’s a piece of art.

Another trend is to choose a coloured diamond or coloured gemstone for your engagement ring. At Friar House we have a huge number of coloured antique stone rings which you can view on the website or visit us in the shop. If you have a photo, an idea or a style of ring you love you can bring it into the shop and we can work with you to help you find the ring of your dreams.

Over the years we have seen many trends come and go for engagement rings, our range of antique rings is extensive and we are confident we have something to suit everyone’s style.


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