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How to keep your jewellery safe.

How to keep your jewellery safe.

Burglary is one of the most common types of crime. The impact of burglary isn’t just financial, it can also have a significant impact on your emotional well-being and sense of security. The sentiment value of your treasured jewellery is irreplaceable and so to avoid being the victim of crime, taking steps to protect yourself is essential.

Your home  

According to the police, homes with no security measures are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures in place. Deterring the burglars from entering your home is the first step to security.  

Check all doors are locked and all windows, including those upstairs, are secure before you go out. Many of these burglaries happen in the day and using timer switches for radios or TVs to give the impression that the house is occupied even when it isn’t, is a cheap and easy step to take. You could also consider installing a monitored burglar alarm, ‘dusk to dawn’ security lighting or CCTV. Store ladders and tools that can be used to assist in home entry in a shed or garage that is secured with a strong lock. Don’t hide keys in obvious places, like outside the front door. Burglars will often look in the letterbox or under a plant pot as a matter of course. Consider joining the neighbourhood watch scheme run by your community.

Your valuables.

Keep all of your jewellery in a safety deposit box, you can speak to your local bank or a reputable security firm to find out what’s available. Consider keeping jewellery hidden and be discreet when wearing it in public until you get to the venue. Ensure that all of your jewellery is photographed and that your insurance is up to date.


If you are a victim of burglary you can contact a support group for help and emotional support even if you haven’t reported the crime.

Stay safe.

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