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Inheriting a piece of jewellery

Inheriting a piece of jewellery is very special, it can be very emotive and ignite a range of different emotions. The loss of a loved one can be such an upsetting time but inheriting a ring or a piece of jewellery that they loved and cherished can be comforting and reassuring. 

Of course, it might be a different style from your normal, it might be the wrong size, it might be too soon for you to think about doing anything with it, but that’s ok, you can wait until you feel ready, the jewelry will still be there waiting for you. 

It could be days, months or even years before you are ready to think about the jewellery but once you are, it really could be really magical. If you inherited a ring, it could be as easy having it resized for you. Or maybe it has a beautiful diamond that you would like made into a pendent necklace? Adapting and redesigning the piece is a good way to create something wearable that you love if you aren't sure about it in the current style.  

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Antique jewellery is very trendy this decade and inheriting a piece jewellery, in our opinion makes it all the more special. If you really aren’t sure about the piece Friar House is always interested in buying antique rings, we have a large range of them in our shop in Battle, East Sussex. 

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