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Resizing a Ring

Resizing A Ring. Your partner will have put a lot of time and effort into picking out the perfect engagement ring for you. Sometimes they can strike it lucky and it will be the exact fit but if it isn’t then do not panic. Most rings are able to be resized and this is a very common procedure so you will not be apart from your ring for too long.

A ring may also be resized due to weight loss or gain as these can cause it to either be too loose or too tight. You may even want it resized because you purely have decided to change it to another finger.

The perfect fit is when the ring slides on easily but there is some resistance when you take it off. Your finger must still have some breathing room, therefore no bulges or permanent indentations should be left at the base once the ring is removed. You need to bear in mind that throughout the day your fingers change size and more so with a change in temperature.

To make your ring smaller a piece of the shank will be cut out and it will be shaped back to a perfect circle and then soldered back together before being cleaned and polished. You will never know that the ring was ever cut.

To enlarge your ring the metal is stretched out, but this can only be done up to a half size larger. If you need it to be larger than that then the band will be cut and more metal will be added, then soldered and cleaned and polished.

To resize a ring we use sizing rings. These are a set of example rings in various sizes and widths. To ensure a proper fit we try to match the width of the ring to the sizing ring as a narrow band will require a smaller size as it will take up less space on your finger.

At Friar House the majority of our rings can be resized. We will measure your finger to ensure you get the correct size and the resizing will be done at our expense.

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