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Are you fed up of waiting for your other half to propose?

Why is it that in the year of 2020 us women are still waiting around for men to make the move? Why not make this the year you get engaged and take back control of your love life and ask him?

What’s the worst that could happen…he could say no and you are no longer wasting your time waiting around for something that is never going to happen?!!

That sounds like a good enough reason if you ask me.

So where do you start?

You need to think about his style, what colour band he might like and what suits his personality. Gold or Platinum, vintage or new?

What location and setting do you want for your proposal?

You could consider a romantic meal where you had your first date, a picnic sunset at your favourite location or even a once in a life time holiday abroad. Think about your partner and his style and what would suit your relationship, are you both outgoing and flamboyant or more private and may want something discreet.

What about sizing?

If you don’t know what size your other half is don’t worry, if you buy a ring here at Friar House, Battle we can resize it for you after the proposal at no extra cost.

Don’t be put off by your friends and family.

I have a friend who proposed to her man and I spoke to her before writing this blog. She said almost everyone she spoke to beforehand tried to deter her, “O it’s a sweet idea but you don’t want to put him off”, “why don’t you just wait for him, don’t rush things”.  Is this really encouraging us women to believe and follow what we want to in life? I say go for it! And even better, this year is a leap year!

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