Collection: Antique Three Stone & Trilogy Rings

Antique three stone rings, also known as antique trilogy rings hold a different story than the more traditional rings, like the solitaire. These exquisite pieces of jewellery are not just adornments, they tell your journey through life, from your past, to the present and to the future. Everyone’s journey through life is different and so is yours. If you want a ring that doesn’t just radiate the charm and allure of the ancient world but also represents the unique story of your journey through life, the art deco three stone ring or antique trilogy ring may be just what you're looking for.

A Friar House, you can find a wide variety of antique three stone rings or art deco three stone rings in exquisite designs. Explore our gorgeous collection of antique trilogy rings and shop the one that perfectly represents your life story. Don’t worry if art deco three stone rings are not something you are looking for. We have something for every antique jewellery lover out there. Other than antique three stone rings, we stock various antique jewellery like antique pendants, antique earrings, antique cufflinks and many more.

We have an interesting arrangement of our antique jewellery collection, wherein the whole collection is split into different period-based categories. For shoppers who want to shop antique jewellery belonging to a specific period, like Victorian Jewellery, Art Deco Jewellery, we have that facility available too.