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Do you by yourself a ring if you propose to your other half on a leap year?

This question is one that the girls and I have been discussing in the shop for days!
Unless you have been avoiding all news channels this year you will know that the long anticipated leap year is coming this Sunday 29th February 2020, after waiting 4 years for it. This you can imagine is a hot topic in itself, but the question we keep going over is…do you buy yourself a ring as well as your partner? Or is your partner expected to buy you a diamond ring after your proposal?

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Of course, it is all down to personal preference, there is no right or wrong and you will know what is best for your relationship. Below are some of the options of how you can resolve this…

  1. You could buy your partner a ring and not wear a ring yourself
  2. You could buy your partner a token gift if he doesn’t like to wear rings
  3. You could buy yourself and your partner a ring in advance of the proposal
  4. You could buy the rings after you have proposed when you can choose them together
Here at Friar House we are undecided what we would do, we would love to hear your Leap Year proposal stories though!

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