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Choosing the right engagement ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be tricky and you may be worried that she won’t like it or he doesn’t quite understand your style, so we’ve set up a guide to steer him in the right direction! If you’d rather shop together, we have some tips on how to be helpful and make it the perfect shopping experience.


Setting the budget is completely dependent on your lifestyle and personal choice. Everyone has different salaries, expenses and priorities. As a couple, you may be saving for a new house or car or you might just prefer to splash out on the honeymoon. Whatever position you're both in at the moment, talk to your fiancé and find out what's most important to you both and order your priorities together. There's no technical right or wrong way to go about it, just be prepared to compromise and ultimately come to an agreement that you and your fiancée feel comfortable with. Keep in mind, there are a range of beautiful and perfectly suitable engagement rings to suit all budgets.

Shopping Together

It's a good idea to get an idea of your partner's tastes and personal style, even if they're coming shopping with you. The point of going together is to be helpful, so you don't want to suggest classic diamond rings if she wants something more unique like a radiant coloured gemstone.

If you want to leave some element of surprise, suggest a general shopping trip and work your way into a jewellery shop, where you can casually ask what style of ring they like, you may even see them veering towards particular ring designs. Are they looking at diamonds or coloured gemstones? Single or multiple stones? White or yellow gold metals? Keep focused on the styles they're looking at. You may want to suggest they try some rings on 'for fun', all the while staying focused on the ring finger size.

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How do I propose

The question of how to propose is almost as important as the ring itself. If you would like to discuss your ideas with someone, our friendly consultants are always on hand to listen. We have a really useful feature online that allow you to share rings with your partner, and if you have any questions, please call one of our consultants, who will be happy to explain all the little details to you, from diamond settings and styles to cuts and carats.

If She Doesn't Like Her Engagement Ring...

Push any anger or disappointment you feel aside and remember she's probably dreamt of her engagement ring since she was a young girl and it's not the thought or effort you put into choosing that she's rejecting! Tell her you're sorry that she doesn't love the ring and that you can look for a new one together, to symbolise your love and commitment each other.

Suggest that you attend a jewellery store or look online together to choose an engagement ring that she adores. If she would prefer to maintain some aspect of surprise, she can pick out three or four rings and then let you make the final choice. It's likely that she'll favour a particular stone shape or ring setting, which will make the final choice easier.

Whether you've worked together to find a new ring or she has now picked one for herself, the initial rejection of the first ring may still hang over you both. Despite what happened in the past, explain that you'd like a second chance at presenting her with the ring. The ring may or may not be a surprise now, but the way you propose can be a super special and romantic surprise, creating a brand new memory that will out-shine the previous one.

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